Poster/Demo Session

Call for poster/demo link:

ISESE2003 will have "Poster and Demo" sessions. This will provide an excellent forum for authors to present late-breaking results. Although the deadline for the technical paper session has already passed, you can still submit to the Poster and Demo sessions.


Posters and research demonstrations provide the opportunity to exhibit late-breaking results and to discuss these results with conference participants.


Posters and Research Demonstrations Co-Chairs:

Jürgen Münch (Fraunhofer IESE)

Giuseppe Calavaro (Rational Software, Italy)

Members of the Posters and Research Demonstrations Committee:

Stefan Biffl (TU Wien)

Luigi Buglione (Italy, SchlumbergerSema)

Giovanni Cantone (Italy, University of Rome "Tor Vergata")

Marcus Ciolkowski (Germany, University of Kaiserslautern)

Ross Jeffrey (Australia, University of New South Wales)

Masafumi Katahira (Japan, NASDA)

Loredana Mancini (Italy, Getronics SpA)

Roberto Meli (Italy, DPO)

Michele Minichino (Italy, Enea)

Rodrigo Quites Reis (Brasil, Universidade Federal do Para')

Ioana Rus (USA, Fraunhofer Center Maryland)


Intended participants are expected to submit a proposal relating the contents of their work.

Important Dates


Accepted proposals will be included in the Proceedings of ISESE 2003 Poster and Research Demonstration Sessions.


All types of research in empirical software engineering can be presented using posters. Presenters, who feel that their work may be more effectively presented to a small audience, can use research demonstrations. Research demonstrations are appropriate for work that is very new, in a prototype stage. Commercial products will not be accepted as research demonstrations. We consider any system that is at least six months away from appearing in a commercial product as a research system. In case of proposal acceptance, the poster/demo contributor is expected to prepare at least one poster for his booth. Additionally, poster/demo contributors could be given the possibility of giving a 10-minutes presentation in special poster/demo lunchtime tracks. This presentation would be not mandatory. We are also aiming to arrange a special event for further poster/demo presentations to be held on October 2nd, 2003 (see ESEIW 2003 program).

Review Process

The posters and research demonstrations committee will review each submission using the following criteria: originality, importance and generality of contribution, soundness of rationale or demonstration, quality of written and graphic presentation, and appropriate consideration of relevant literature.

Size of Poster Boards


We will not provide any computing equipment such as computers, disk drives, or monitors. We suppose that the presenters will use their Laptop PC and/or Note PC as equipment of demonstrations. We will not provide electrical-power nearby boards or desks.

Accepted Poster/Demo Session Papers

On Fuzzy Regression in Software Cost Estimation Models

Crespo, Javier; Sicilia, Miguel-Ángel; Cuadrado, Juan-José.

A Methodology for Creating Estimate Models for Software Development Projects Based on Statistic Models of Linear Relationship: An Empirical Study

Galvão Martins, Luiz Eduardo; Corrêa, Angela Maria C. J.; Rahal, Melissa L.

A Package Model for Software Engineering Experiments

Gurgel do Amaral, Edgar Augusto G.; Horta Travassos, Guilherme.

Using Measurement Data for Project Control

Heidrich, Jens; Soto, Martín.

Measurement of group's ability for software development

Hanakawa, Noriko.

A Case Study of Life Cycle Formal Verification on Spacecraft Software

Ishihama, Naoki; Nagai, Ayumu; Katahira, Masa.

Empirical Quantitative Model Enables Quantitative Planning of a Development

Koono, Zenya; Chen, Hui.

Context-driven Software Project Estimation

Münch, Jürgen; Heidrich, Jens.

Software Sensitivity Analysis and Traceability Diagnosis Analysis

Nakao, Haruka; Hoshino, Nobuyuki; Watanabe, Masahiko; Nomoto, Hideki.

Context-based Measurement

Powell, Antony ; Clark, Graham; Lee, Claire; Murdoch, John; Whittaker, Peter.

Comparing Code Reading Techniques Applied to Object Oriented Software
Frameworks Towards Effectiveness

Russo, Mario Pio; Ciolkowski, Marcus; Abdelnabi, Zeiad; Lomartire; Anna.

Process Modeling and Plan-based Execution

Soto, Martín; Heidrich, Jens.

Automated Statistical Testing Suite for Software Validation

Thelin, Thomas; Runeson, Per.